Postfach 9126, 73416 Aalen, 0 73 61 / 8 75 87, 0 172 / 9 11 71 93, Betriebsgelände: Dischinger Str. 11, 73450 Neresheim, 0 73 26 / 57 55

Transportation rules

Dear visitors.

Before you start your journey in the yesterdays, please heed the following:

You are in a museum, which is prosecuted honorary. The members of our non-profit association spend their recreational time to allow you to undergo the former times of the Härtsfeldbahn.

You pay an account for the visit of the museum including a ride on a steam train from 1900 or a railcar from the 1960's. In other museums these vehicles may not even be touched. Please handle our vehicles with care, to allow many visitors to enjoy the feeling.

The museum-line Neresheim - Sägmühle is not a toy, but a real railway. We are monitored by the official railway authorities and fulfil today's security rules. Our personnel is accordingly trained.

Operating historic vehicles causes some particularities:

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